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What's On

2018-04-22Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-04-25Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-04-26Donaghadee Community CentreDave Glover & Norman (Party Night)
2018-04-27Killygullib Orange HallHousty
2018-04-28Dave Glover & NormanBernard Henry
2018-04-28Ballyronan MarinaHousty
2018-05-02Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-05-03Donaghadee Community CentreDave Lee
2018-05-05Lisburn Masonic HallDouble X
2018-05-06Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-05-09Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-05-10Donaghadee Community CentreJim Lyons
2018-05-11Dunmurry Golf Club Dinner Dance PLEASE NOTE This is the second Friday and not the first.Jim Lyons
2018-05-12Lisburn Masonic HallDave Lee
2018-05-13Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-05-16Nortel Social ClubHugh Campbell
2018-05-17Donaghadee Community CentreHousty
2018-05-18Burnside Orange Hall, AntrimHousty
2018-05-19Lisburn Masonic HallDreams
2018-05-20Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-05-23Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-05-24Donaghadee Community CentreLiam McLaughlin
2018-05-26Lisburn Masonic HallDave Glover & Norman
2018-05-27Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-05-30Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-05-31Donaghadee Community CentreSammy Miskelly (Party Night)
2018-06-01Dunmurry Golf Club Dinner DanceBernard Henry
2018-06-02Lisburn Masonic HallHoustty
2018-06-03Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-06-06Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-06-07Donaghadee Community CentreHousty
2018-06-09Lisburn Masonic HallLiam McLaughlin
2018-06-10Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-06-13Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-06-14Donaghadee Community CentreDave Glover & Norman
2018-06-15Burnside Orange Hall, AntrimLiam McLaughlin
2018-06-16Lisburn Masonic HallBernard Henry
2018-06-17Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-06-20Nortel Social ClubHugh Campbell
2018-06-21Donaghadee Community CentreSammy Miskelly
2018-06-24Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-06-27Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-06-28Donaghadee Community CentreLiam McLaughlin (Party Night)
2018-07-01Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-07-04Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-07-05Donaghadee Community CentreSammy Miskelly
2018-07-06Dunmurry Golf Club Dinner DanceDave Lee
2018-07-07Lisburn Masonic HallDreams
2018-07-08Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-07-12Donaghadee Community CentreClosed
2018-07-14Lisburn Masonic HallDave Glover & Norman
2018-07-15Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-07-18Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-07-18Nortel Social ClubHugh Campbell
2018-07-19Donaghadee Community CentreDave Glover & Norman (Party Night)
2018-07-20Burnside Orange Hall, AntrimJim Lyons
2018-07-21Lisburn Masonic HallJim Lyons
2018-07-22Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-07-25Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-07-26Donaghadee Community CentreDave Lee
2018-07-28Lisburn Masonic HallDave Lee
2018-07-29Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-08-01Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-08-02Donaghadee Community CentreJim Lyons
2018-08-03Dunmurry Golf Club Dinner DanceSammy Miskelly
2018-08-04Lisburn Masonic HallDouble X
2018-08-05Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-08-08Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-08-09Donaghadee Community CentreDave Glover & Norman (Life Boat Charity Dance)
2018-08-11Lisburn Masonic HallHousty
2018-08-12Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-08-15Nortel Social ClubHugh Campbell
2018-08-16Donaghadee Community CentreSammy Miskelly
2018-08-17Burnside Orange Hall, AntrimDave Lee
2018-08-18Lisburn Masonic HallErrol
2018-08-19Ballymac HotelBernaard Henry
2018-08-22Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-08-23Donaghadee Community CentreHousty
2018-08-25Lisburn Masonic HallDave Glover & Norman
2018-08-26Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-08-29Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-08-30Donaghadee Community CentreLiam McLaughlin (Party Night)
2018-09-01Lisburn Masonic HallDreams
2018-09-02Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-09-05Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-09-06Donaghadee Community CentreDave Lee
2018-09-08Lisburn Masonic HallErrol
2018-09-09Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-09-09Three night Sequence Dance Break at the 4* Villa Rose Hotel, Ballybofey. For more info contact Jim or Caroline on 9573 0425Jim Lyons
2018-09-12Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-09-13Donaghadee Community CentreSammy Miskelly
2018-09-14Dunmurry Golf Club Dinner Dance PLEASE NOTE. This is the second Friday not the first.Dave Glover
2018-09-15Lisburn Masonic HallDave Lee
2018-09-16Ballymac HotelBernard henry
2018-09-19Nortel Social ClubHugh Campbell
2018-09-20Donaghadee Community CentreJim Lyons
2018-09-21Burnside Orange Hall, AntrimLiam McLaughlin
2018-09-22Lisburn Masonic HallBernard Henry
2018-09-23Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-09-26Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-09-27Donaghadee Community CentreHousty (party Night)
2018-09-29Lisburn Masonic HallDave Glover & Norman
2018-09-30Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-10-03Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-10-04Donaghadee Community CentreLiam McLaughlin
2018-10-05Dunmurry Golf Club Dinner DanceHousty
2018-10-06Lisburn Masonic HallJim Lyons
2018-10-07Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-10-10Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-10-11Donaghadee Community CentreDave Lee
2018-10-13Lisburn Masonic HallDreams
2018-10-14Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-10-17Nortel Social ClubHugh Campbell
2018-10-18Donaghadee Community CentreDave Glover & Norman
2018-10-19Burnside Orange Hall, AntrimHousty
2018-10-20Lisburn Masonic HallDouble X
2018-10-21Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-10-24Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-10-25Donaghadee Community CentreSammy Miskelly (Halloween)
2018-10-27Lisburn Masonic HallDave Lee
2018-10-28Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-10-31Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-11-01Donaghadee Community CentreJim Lyons
2018-11-02Burnside Orange Hall, AntrimJim Lyons
2018-11-02Dunmurry Golf Club Dinner DanceBernard Henry
2018-11-03Lisburn Masonic HallHousty
2018-11-04Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-11-07Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-11-08Donaghadee Community CentreHousty
2018-11-09Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-11-11Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-11-14Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-11-15Donaghadee Community CentreLiam McLaughlin
2018-11-17Lisburn Masonic HallDave Glover & Norman
2018-11-21Nortel Social ClubHugh Campbell
2018-11-22Donaghadee Community CentreDave lee
2018-11-24Lisburn Masonic HallLiam McLaughlin
2018-11-28Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-11-29Donaghadee Community CentreDave Glover & Norman (Party Night)
2018-12-01Lisburn Masonic HallChris Dallat
2018-12-02Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-12-05Nortel Social ClubRosko
2018-12-06Donaghadee Community CentreSammy Miskelly
2018-12-07Dunmurry Golf Club Dinner DanceDave Glover
2018-12-08Lisburn Masonic HallBernard Henry
2018-12-12Nortel Social ClubDave Lee
2018-12-13Donaghadee Community CentreDave Lee
2018-12-15Lisburn Masonic HallDave Lee
2018-12-16Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-12-19Nortel Social ClubHugh Campbell
2018-12-20Donaghadee Community CentreLiam McLaughlin (Christmas Party Night)
2018-12-22Lisburn Masonic HallDreams
2018-12-23Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-12-27Donaghadee Community CentreClosed
2018-12-29Lisburn Masonic HallDouble X
2018-12-30Ballymac HotelBernard Henry
2018-12-31Donaghadee Community CentreJim Lyons (New Years Eve Ball) Ticket Only
2018-12-31Lisburn Masonic Hall - New Years Eve BallDave Glover & Norman

If you would like to have your dance included in our "What's On" page please email us at info@sequencedancingni.com with details of time, place and frequency so that we can include your details at our next update.

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